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For over 50 years, we’ve been committed to

changing and saving lives through personalized

mental health solutions for adults, children, and

families in Southwest Florida.

We can help you with:

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Feeling of uneasy, nervousness or worry towards uncertainty.

Anxiety Disorder


Constant state of sadness or loss. Can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Anxiety Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Serious changes in mood, way of thinking, and overall behavior.

Anxiety Disorder

Substance Use Problems

Dependency on addictive substances such as alcohol and other drugs.

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Success Stories

With the help of our staff and their own dedication towards better mental

health, our clients have found success in seemingly hopeless situations.


After battling with suicidal thoughts for decades, Colleen was able to find aid at DLC.


Struggling with drugs for 20 years, Zach was able to find the hope and strength to raise his girls.


After watching her father pass away, Maria struggled with depression and anxiety.

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David Lawrence Centers (DLC) is a not-for-profit, leading provider of behavioral health solutions that are focused on creating life-saving and life-changing wellness for adults and children. 

DLC offers treatment to individuals suffering from mental health, psychological, emotional, and substance use challenges.

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